Karl Philips

Karl Philips describes his studio practice as a flexible, pragmatic construction. In 2012 he acquired an antique fairground attraction called Jacky, which now functions as his artistic workplace. Jacky is a pirate’s nest, a space for experimenting and tinkering with concepts like society, open space, financial systems and architecture. Trying out various alternatives, the studio practice of Karl Philips feels much like a nonconformist city development.

The artist mostly collaborates with a diverse, flexible group of professionals on a semi-permanent basis. Because of their specific skills, all of those involved play an important role in the development of Karl Philips’ artistic practice. 

In addition, Karl Philips receives productional and administrational support from O.C.A.M., a non-profit arts platform that assists artists with a hybrid visual practice.


Studio Karl Philips offers a limited number of internships throughout the year. Send us your application (cv, portfolio & motivation) and we will inform you in due course.